Claudio Roditi - Braziliance x 4

The long and ardous road I Chose for my artistic life, fifty years ago, has only now begun to pay off. In my search to find an original trumpet voice and to find a music that blends the two cultures I belongs to, I have only recently started to come to terms with all of it. I have finally accepted the fact that I have something worthwhile to offer that can make people feel good, and that can also make the musicians with whom I associate feel some kind of fulfillment when we play together. That's more than I asked for, and I thank God, my family and friends for the support, always. ( Claudio Roditi )

In a unique two-day venture, trumpet/flugelhorn player Claudio Roditi has created Brazilliance X4, a stunning tribute album to the land he loves, celebrating with colleagues that he's known and worked with for many years, all of them fellow Brazilians. The repertoire is as classy as the players: a jazz standard ("Tune Up"), five pieces by Brazilian luminaries (Johnny Alf, the late Victor Assis Brasil, Joao Donato, the late Durval Ferreira, and Raul de Souza), and four Roditi compositions. All of these tunes are treated in the best bossa nova tradition, which as this is written is a half-century old and as fresh and vital as ever.

Rating All Music Guide ****1/2

Trumpet & Flugelhorn - Claudio Roditi
Bass - Leonardo Cioglia
Drums - Duduka da Fonseca
Piano - Helio Alves

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