John Tchicai Lunar Quartet - Look To The Neutrino

Approaching jazz from a wide scope, Afro-Danish American John Tchicai is a composer/saxophonist whose music is internationally known for its compelling sense of rhythm, drama and humor, its freedom, spirituality, healing qualities and ultimate freshness. He recorded with both John Coltrane ("Ascension") and John Lennon ("Life with Lions"), founded ensembles like "New York Art Quartet", "Cadentia Nova Danica" and "John Tchicai & the Archetypes"; he has composed for jazz & classical ensembles and he records, tours and teaches continuously. John Tchicai is the first recipient of a lifetime grant for Jazz performance from the State of Danmark.

"It is not often one meets a person in the music-business who menage to combine three very different activites into one but that is the case with Enzo Carpentieri. He is able to be the perfect host, an organizer of concerts and at the same time a top notch drummer who can make his drumset sound as if he didn't do anything else the whole day. I first Enzo the 2nd of June 2006 at the Zero Zero Jazz Festival in Abano, where I was doing a workshop and the day after a duo concert with pianist Greg Burk. Now in 2008 Enzo invited me for more surprises. There was a concert with the group "Dolphiana" that I didn't know at all, which became a very inspired me. Then some days after, we started recording the material for the present Cd with Enzo on the drumset, my man and co-composer Greg Burk on the piano and with bassist marc Abrams who Enzo and Greg already knew and spove very highly of, and they were right. Mark was exactly the man needed to make the group a harmonious unity with his optimistic and flexible attitude which is a must in the creative improvisational encounters of today.
John Tchicai