Gaia Cuatro feat. Paolo Fresu

Gaia Cuatro is a reality that has already conquered half the world. Their music,full of charm, has a intensity and pleasantness that gets straight to the heart as it rarely happens. Listen to a concert or an album is a compelling experience. The union of two diametrically opposed cultures, that Argentinian and Japanese, creates to a sensational mix where the passion, warmth and rhythm of Latin music / American blend masterfully with the refined elegance of Asian musical tradition. The result is breathtaking. Haruka is further enhanced by the extraordinary participation of Paolo Fresu, who adds an additional note of class and expressiveness. Their previous work with Abeat (Udin, catalog Abeat 054) has had a great resonance between lovers audiophiles. Even that record will not betray the expectations of most demanding palates.

Gaia Cuatro are :

Carlos Buschini : bass, doublebass
Gerardo Di Giusto : piano
Paolo Fresu : trumpet on tracks 3,8
Aska Kaneko : violin,vocals
Tomohiro Yahiro : drums, percussions