James Maddock - Sunrise On Avenue C

Inarrivabile. E' questo il pensiero che continuava a battermi in testa mentre ascoltavo estasiato il concerto di James Maddock all'una e trentacicinque, circa di Cantu'. Dieci anni, sono occorsi dieci anni, prima che il nostro, smaltita la sbornia del successo al debutto, capisse come mettere a disposizione la sua grande vena poetica e musicale, la sua voce emozionante il suo spirito alla causa della Grande Musica. James è tornato, ha girato l'Italia e noi ci siamo imbattuti in lui. Vi posso assicurare che erano anni che non ci capitava nulla del genere. Folk, Rock, Pop raffinatissimo, tutto questo e altro ancora in questa seconda vita di questo cantautore inglese ormai trasferitosi in pianta stabile nella grande mela dove ha trovato la dimensione giusta, e i compagni di viaggio adeguati, per il suo progetto musicale. Un nuovo Boss, un novello Rod Steward, un nuovo James Taylor ? No , semplicemente un nuovo grande cantautore che per pace dei molti altri bravissimi presenti in questo momento sulla scena mondiale, rimane inarrivabile, un gradino sopra tutti gli altri. Cinque Stelle qui non bastano, quella sera a Cantu' ci è andata proprio di lusso......

James Maddock is quietly becoming one of the breakout musical stories of 2010. With the release of the exquisite song cycle, Sunrise on Avenue C, Maddock has re-established himself as one of the most respected singer/songwriters on the scene.

When Columbia Records released Songs from Stamford Hill in 2000 it looked like James Maddock was destined for stardom. All the benchmarks of burgeoning success were there; a top 5 Triple A radio song, prominent placements in TV/Film, inclusion on the first Dawson’s Creek compilation, and extensive touring with the likes of Paula Cole and Train. Although James created a small base of rabid fans, he didn’t achieve the wide recognition he deserved. With his grass roots touring presence around the country and airplay on some of the most influential stations in the country (WXPN, WFUV, Sirius/XM), what seemed meant to be in 2001 is taking shape in the new decade.

Vin Scelsa of WFUV and Sirius/XM puts it this way; “I fell head over heels in love with James Maddock's music around the turn of the century when his band Wood released Songs From Stamford Hill. My heart broke when James seemed to disappear completely from the music scene without a follow-up. From time to time I would search for him on the Internet, to no avail, and play the songs from Wood's only album with a bittersweet ache that matched the mood of the music. Imagine then how thrilled I was to discover at the end of the decade James was living and working right under my nose in New York City, far below the radar, honing his skills, biding his time. Then understand how exhilarated and thoroughly gladdened I became upon hearing his new songs, heartbreakingly beautiful, exquisitely crafted, which pick right up where Stamford Hill left off. James Maddock's talent has a timeless quality he shares with the great songwriters. His music touches the soul. How happy I am to have him back on the radar screen ... the world at large needs artists like this.”