Dado Moroni "Solo Dado"

"Why don't you come out with a cd with orignal songs only ?"
"Why don't you do a nice cd with standards only?"
"Why don't you do one with all italian songs ?"
"Why not Gershwin only?"
"Why why why.....How should I know? Leave me alone !"

The real reason for this Cd is that, almost by chance and in a hurry, as well, I was in my friend Roberto Vigo's studio to record one song only, Perdado by Tito Fontana, bo be included in a memorial concert that takes place every year, around the date of his premature passing, celebrating our dear Tito.
Unfortunately when his daughter Cinzia called me to inform me of the exact date I was already unavailable, but I had the idea to record one tune to then be played in the theatre, almost as I could actually be there on that evenening.

As soon as I arrived at the studio I immediately felt a particular affinity for the piano, a magnificent Yamaha C7, and I started recording. A few minutes went by and I had the take I wanted. It was done. I only had to get the Cd with Tito's song and send it to Cinzia, but something kept me at the piano. I played freely everything that was going through my head for a good half hour, slowly realizing that I could have a whole solo piano Cd.
A couple of weeks later I went back to record other pieces, standards and original compositions, some of them born right there in the studio, thanks to that superpiano, Roberto's mastery of sounds and the relaxed atmosphere. And the absolute absence of pressure.

That's how it went. This cd represents what I am today. It represents my moments of joy and introspection, from the need to play something of mine, personal, to the pleasure of rereading a beautiful melody from the "Great American Songbook".

That's what the word jazz means to me. Freedom.

In the meantime the phone rings...
"Why why why why".....How should I Know ? Leave Me Alone !

Dado Moroni

"Dado Moroni is without a doubt one of my favorite pianists. He has a great technique, a great harmonic sense and,as this recording shows, great sensitivity. This recording also shows the introspective side of Dado and it will definitely have an honored spot on my ipod

Kenny Barron

"Hello Dado, I think this Cd is a wonderful exercise in impromptu exploration of themes of your choosing. The sound is very special in quality, on a great instrument !
It's full of passion with humor added.

Cedar Walton

"Dado Moroni is not only an exceptional pianist , he is an exceptionally swinging pianist. For this reason, he is admired around the world by both listeners and musicans alike.
He is certainly admired by me. I find his accomplishment inspiring".

Mulgrew Miller

Edgardo Dado Moroni, born in Genoa, Italy on October 20, 1962, was exposed to jazz music very early, thanks to his parents' record collection and he started playing piano at age 4. Nowadays Moroni is one of the most considered Italian musician in the USA (also one of Ron Carter’s favourite pianist), a very rare case of super “musicians” musician.
He performed in Italy and all over the world with Clark Terry, Chet Baker, Freddie Hubbard, Dizzy Gillespie, Billy Cobham ,Jimmy Owens); an extraordinary approach to the instrument that touch deeply the listener. He was a an enfant-prodige and plays many instruments with rare ability. From age 14 Dado started playing professionally all throughout Italy with some of the most important Italian players like Franco Cerri, Tullio De Piscopo, Luciano Milanese, Gianni Basso, Sergio Fanni and Massimo Urbani and at 17 he recorded his first album in trio with Tullio De Piscopo and American bassist Julius Farmer.
He played and recorded with an impressive number of very great international musician: Phil Woods, Tom Harrel, Johnny Griffin.Niels-Henning Oersted Pedersen, Tony Scott, Wynton Marsalis, Freddie Hubbard, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Ron Carter and many others. He took part in two historic band like the Paris Reunion (with Joe Henderson, Woody Shaw, Curtis Fuller, Johnny Griffin e Jimmy Woode) and the Mingus Dynasty (con Danny Richmond, Jinny Knepper, John Handy, Craig Handy and Reggie Johnson).
Now is playng in a new quintet called "the cube". Recently he recorded for Abeat two cds with Tom Harrell : "humanity" a piano/tromba duet ( Abeat 2007 )and " the cube" ( 2008 Abeat ).