Louisiana Red - Back To The Bayou

RUF RECORDS proudly presents "Back To The Black Bayou" the outstanding new album release by the legendary LOUISIANA RED & LITTLE VICTOR'S JUKE JOINT. Louisiana Red has the unique gift of a heartfelt immediacy in his approach to the blues The emotional depth infused in his performances keeps his songs vibrant and urgent.
Though a product of his tutelage with some of the greatest blues artists in history (Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, Lightnin' Hopkins, Elmore James and others), his music retains an individual stamp of personality, while remaining true to his teacher's lessons.
This album produced by Little Victor (and originally released on Bluestown Records), was recorded at the Juke Joint Studio (a state-of-art / old-school analog studio) with 24 track 2" tape machine, vintage RCA ribbon microphones, rare tube limiters and the original1960's Audiotronics mixing console that once belonged to the Stax Studio in Memphis.
Little Victor has long idolized Red, much as Red idolized many of his mentors and the the glowing love and mutual respect between artist and producer is the cornerstone of this record. Victor carefully chose some of hif favorite numbers and surrended Red with a stellar, grooving band.Victor's long history of performing with Red gave him an inside prospective of the artist and his repertoire.
The results exemplify the producer's loving vision of a definitive Louisiana Red record. Victor's sly guitar parts and down-home harmonica mesh perfectly with Red's rough and tumble work. Many of these songs capture the classic two-guitar interplay rarely heard on blues records these days. Red's singing is delivered with both melancholy and zeal. This is Red's best band album since his Roulette Recordings !