Demi Evans - My America

As I sit feeling complete after wrapping this gift for you, my thoughts begin to delete the fear that fails to be true. The loss, the cost, the pain and the shame, through years of pressure our pride still remains. Read closely the lyrics if you care to understand, why I`ve chosen this title to represent my land. From heartaches to headaches to injustice and lies, from boyfriends to husbands from girlfriends to brides.
with ignorance we strive, praying knowledge will arrive, to protect and defend the youth in our eyes.
Don`t bargain and bet for a challenge to appear, because as sure as you breathe the darkness is near.
So waste not this time on guilt pointing fault, let the past use his time to prepare his halt.
While bawling and crawling and grabbing possessions, don`t forget the reason why we were taught a fighter`s lesson.
Survive, by any means necessary.
Welcome President Barack Obama.

Every person that has seen her onstage share a unanimous decision: Demi Evans owns more than a voice, she..s first of all an interpreter of light, but her sincerity and force of conviction with exuberance makes the most blasé audience leave their shell. When Demi express herself she puts all of her energy into her music to serve her repetoire which is written with four hands: herself and her accomplice and mentor Fred Morisset . Demi envoke time after time the innocence of childhood, separation, death, and the roll of a woman in our society with a cofirmed touch of poetry. She will shake your emotions with an undeniable accent of truth . An unconditional fan of Nina Simone, she revendicate the militant and humanistic heritage. Demi propose an unclassable style of music that..s transparent and direct, with a surprising mix of southern soul and committed folk pop. She never forget the gospel and blues which were the props of her childhood in Texas. If this child of the black america sound like a person outside of the musical scene which is often formated and reduced, it..s because of her uncut personality and eclectism, the heritage of her unusual path. In L.A. it..s not by the musical way but on the fashion business that Demi built her name. She wore the colors of Jean Paul Gaultier and Christian Lacroix from Paris to Milano and Wien. But in the early summer of 95.. in Monte-Carlo a big car accident reduced to nothingness all the years of effort and hard work as an artist. At the term of a long convalescence Demi decided to stop in Paris on her way back to the United States. And for Demi this was the beginning of an overseas adventure that continues today by meeting Fred Morisset. Writing and composing as a couple, the repetoire of Demi manifested with the coming out of her first cd "Why Do You Run " on the Harmonia Mundi label at the spring of 2006, giving her the opportunity to show her real face: the one of sincible interpreter, generous, open to all the problems of the world which she talk about with extreme frankness and a poetry with no make-up. " Like most of us I care about the direction the planet is going in and I..m persuaded it..s by talking about this fear that we will progress in the world situations". This declaration could sound a little bit idealistic if the reaction from the public confirm the ambition of this artist perfectly unclassable. By the success of her first Cd Demi comes back today with this new opus cd "My America" a Harmonia Mundi label Dixiefrog. Produced together with Fred Morisset and the great guitarist Jean-Michel Kajdan. "Since the very beginning of this recording I was really excited by the new challenges of our society. We have to change and it' s urgent now ! The new president of my country carry my hopes to the world. And he need all of us for success, and with this new CD I' m here. I can bring only my voice , my songs and my trust in the people, but I'm here!. This new record of Demi reflect exactly what she is talking about. Breaking the rules, taking the risks to propose some different vibes. Venturing in different areas of music. The soul of this great and very unique artiste is the rope holding together this masterpiece album. " All of our actions have reactions through the world, and by these songs I feel upgraded to the status of World citizen. My concept of My America came from this beautifull song of Jacques Brel called " Madeleine" He sing :........ " elle est mon amérique à moi" After hearing that song it started a love story with my world. Yes ! On stage as on record her lyrics hit the bullseye, wonderfully served by a wonderful voice and an insatiable determination. The fleeting impressions, the words chiseled and subtle, a look tender and lucid in our everyday life...the talented writing of Demi beautifully underlined by the melodies of Fred Morisset, leave no one indifferent, and there..s no doubt that the name of Demi Evans will not be late to become a synonym of big success. After many episodes, Demi comes to the point to reach her objective of her childhood : to serve the others by touching them with the grace of her passions.

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