Sulle Rive Del Tango Vol 1 e 2

"sulle rive del tango" (on the tangoshores) is a collection of ‘unwilled’ tangos. in this selection are enclosed scores and songs composed with a mood that remembers a tango’s aftertaste but, mostly, aren’t exaclty tangos. This is why – between the others – goran bregovic, louis armstrong, carmen consoli, gianmaria testa, they touch the tango’s boundaries bringing to us a new and deeply interesting way of this intriguing and fascinating music and dancing style.

And now after the huge success of the first "sulle rive del tango", here we have the second chatper of this brand new way to live tango.
the new compilation celebrates the special meeting within peoples ("'lincontro", in italian) that only the tango allows.
as always, "sulle rive del tango" is a very unusual selection of songs of the world where the tango just more than smelled, and where the sensuality of this music genre is the departure point to discover the one we have in front of us.
the album includes - among others - cirque du soleil, vinicio capossela, lura, kantango and many other.
don't miss it!

Tracklist Sulle Rive Del Tango

01. el mago pitico la negra 0'41"
02. focu di raggia goran bregovic feat. carmen consoli 3'59"
03. osì ochenonsò sineterra 5'17"
04. allerdings otrs aires otrosaires 3'46"
05. regina electrocutango 5'43"
06. semilla negra marlango 4'34"
07. kiss of fire louis armstrong 3'05"
08. reflejo de luna alacran 4'11"
09. under the moon (full moon mix) seoan feat. ekaterina 3'49"
10. come un'america gianmaria testa 4'32"
11. dos gardenias ache tango 3'33"
12. peliculas demoliendo tangos 5'51"
13. in una stanca indifferenza joe barbieri 3'09"
14. romantik queen bee 3'31"
15. ocho electronico kantango 4'36"
16. try sidsel endresen & bugge wesseltoft 3'59

Tracklist Sulle Rive Del Tango ( L'incontro )

01. no es lo mismo la kinki beat 0'43"
02. mil pasos soha (feat. antoine essentier) 4'03"
03. mi confesion gotan project (feat. koxmoz) 4'17"
04. de l'autre coté ginkobiloba 3'36"
05. querer cirque du soleil 4'33"
06. canta um tango kantango (feat. lura) 5'47"
07. leonel el feo supervieille 2'25"
08. maintenant rupa & the april fishes 4'06"
09. scivola vai via vinicio capossela 4'26"
10. sur o no sur kevin johansen 4'50"
11. antes la negra 3'18"
12. man's world natasha atlas 3'55"
13. milonga #17 kantango 3'40"
14. ariele e calibano sineterra 4'33"
15. oblivion istanbul academia project 7'28"
16. mutual dario deidda 6'10"