Kantango - Ida Y Vuelta ( Mircocosmo Edizioni )

kantango invite you to a journey, under the guise of a tango, a journey of "ida y vuelta" – a “round trip” to those who do not speak spanish – as well as the title of their new album, a journey to and from the tango, and from the thousand nations of the world from which come the many artists who have helped to release this new project, a trip to and from the testing (linked to tango, but also disconnected from it).

and here's the places that are the secret map of this new album, the places and people that bring them in and who have put their own in this project alongside kantango same: the france of richard galliano and the peru of susana baca (which for the first time they play togheter to a reworked version of “canzone ‘e sotto ‘o carcere”, of the straight napolitan raffaele viviani), the cape verde of lura of that in "canta um tango” weaves with his voice exotic and valuable canvasses, the tunisia of marzouk mejri that turns "k4dark" in a colorful suk, or the u.s. of rupa which lends her voice to the persuasive and beautiful hybrid "orphaline". but amada also, who in "dejame" invites us, through a milonga, to a sunny and superb summer.

to seal all, a large string orchestra accompanies kantango through original songs or great masterpieces like "la chanson des vieux amants" by jacques brel.

discovered and produced by joe barbieri, the kantango - here, you see - invite you to leave. take a suitcase that is big and generous.
the journey begins...