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Guido Premuda - The next

The musician plays with the scent of music to make the mix of notes, of structures, accents, phrases, dynamics into a superfine dish and original. A collection which presents itself as a careful choice, with Middle Eastern fragrances, remote echoes of folk, brave and unexpected visits into musical passageways and along paths seldom, or never explored.
The musical suggestions which arise through listening to these original compositions leave an unusual listening flavour which leads to the desire to repeat the experience. The balanced “blend” of distant stylistic origins, the mixture of acoustic and electric instruments under the perceptive direction of Guido give us distinct flavours, but which derive from the stylistic direction of the innate talent of Guido for musical composition and creativeness.

Guido Premuda (guitar) Enrico Guerzoni (cello), Luigi Albertazzi (drums), Gilberto Grillini (double bass)
Tomaso Lama

Characteristic Pitches feat Robin Eubanks - Multitude

Three years after the release of “Night Dancers”, Boston based Italian drummer Paolo Lattanzi presents an entirely renewed group with an absolutely original repertoire. These captivating and flowing arrangements highlight the improvisational skills of the sextet, enriched by the presence of acclaimed trombonist Robin Eubanks (known, among things, for his works with Dave Holland).

Daniel Rosenthal (Tromba), Rick Stone (Alto Sax), Robin Eubanks (Trombone), Lefteris Kordis (Piano), Greg Loughman (Contrabbasso), Paolo Lattanzi (Batteria).

Gianni Virone - Frammenti

Frammenti ('fragments') is a peculiar work which deserves attention, no doubt. This music spreads an inner power and a modernity that being inside the border of Jazz language it allows to express fresh, original and surprising ideas.
Peculiarity in the peculiarity, the graphics are a work of the painter Mery Rigo, here inspired by the musical life of the Trio.

The idea to create this band started in 2003 right after a jam session where I had the luck to meet Mattia Barbieri. In that period I was already playing with another group with Davide Liberti and I decided to “put them together” and see what may have happened… This trio has been going on for a number of years thanks to the deep friendship among us and to the artistic affinity we discovered already at the first rehearsal. We all have more or less the same age and we live in the neighborhood of Turin and this surely helped our collaboration and the following work with other musicians.

During these years I noticed that our music was gradually changing, rehearsal after rehearsal, gig after gig, following the experience and the evolution of the single members and consolidating a real ‘band sound’. The compositions were having every time a new shape because having a lot of improvisation and each musician has the freedom to bring the music towards many directions. In this way, each composition is simply a kind of “fragment”, a musical idea to develop, the subject of a conversation made with our instruments. From here, the idea to represent all this through the painting with the collaboration of Mery Rigo, outstanding Estractist painter, active on the domestic scene since many years.
With Mery we had the idea to represent the musical process and improvisation of a jazz band through the fragmentation and the re-organization of images showing the band members during the performance. In this way we wanted to point out how the musicians participate in different ways to the development of the solos.

Gianni Virone

Gianni Virone – saxes, alto flute // Davide Liberti – double bass // Mattia Barbieri – drums

Chiara Liuzzi - Elica

"It seemed that the living soul of the colors released a musical calling, when the relentless will of the brush took away part of their lives. Sometimes I would hear the quiet chattering of the colors as they would mix; it was a mysterious experience;
surprised in the mysterious kitchen of an alchemist." V.Kandinsky, The Spiritual in Art

ELICA is a product that is based on the perceptive dimension of sound through the holistic approach. The various sensorial sources that combine firstly to the sound perception and then to its production have been considered as the blades of a propeller (ELICA).
The association between the two terms of comparison weresuggested by the shape of the propeller itself, in which its blades are perfectly distinguishable when it is not working, while it confuses them into one another creating a circulation when in motion.
Looking at a color, listening to a sound, tasting food, smelling a fragrance, brushing against an object and trying to go past its outer shell and body, we face an emotional universe that is difficultly translated into words.
This cd is the result of a synesthesical and sensorial research on material, broadly speaking. Each musician individually transformed the perception of this, communicating it in interplay through impromptu.

Chiara Liuzzi

Chiara Liuzzi : Voice, sound objects Francesco Massaro : Baritone and Alto Sax, Clarinet, Sound objects Adolfo La Volpe : Guitar, Electronics, Banjo, Oud
Valerio Daniele : Sound Design

Stefano Pastor - Freedom

This project is witness of the artistic growth of Stafno Pastor, also confirmed by the many reviews he got (for instance, his duo CD with Borah Bergman by “All About Jazz New York”) and above all from the excellent ranking on Top Jazz 2009, with votes from the italian critics.
This music has a clear reference to Free Jazz form the sixties, here performed with freshness in a modern key.
Freedom: in a avant-garde setting redolent of the Seventies – but with a definite Chicagoan cast – inasmuch as it is an evolution from the American trends of the Sixties. A glance to tradition, by way of mirroring and further reflecting some methods and events of the African-American avant-garde, with its peculiar sticking to the groove of an historical continuum. (...)
The single or simultanous handling of the two instruments on Haslam’s part gets inside (or ovelaps) the nervous strain, unrelenting mostly on the ryhthmical level, built by the two other soloists, Stafano Pastor on violin and Claudio Lugo on curved soprano sax. It is within the collective improvisation of the three soloists (add the bass of Giorgio Dini working as a full-ranked and autonomous rhythm section) that takes place the ricovery of ‘dirtyness’, that is to say, of the less-than-perfect simultaneity of the performing artists, of the unclean attack of single notes; whence that impredictable richness in tone and rhythm, so peculiar to the free jazz tradition, wielded here as a radical instrument of expression.

(Erika Dagnino, from the liner notes)

Stefano Pastor (violin), George Haslam (baritone sax, tarugato), Gianni Lugo (alto sax), Giorgio Dini (double bass)

Parker - Lenoci - Curci - Magliocchi "Serving an Evolving Humanity"

“Serving an Evolving Humanity” is a suite in 3 parts, totally improvised in a concert recorded in Noci, Italy, in a summer night.
The four musicians, all well known for tghe fruitful experiences in the field of improvisation (even extreme!), meet for the first time and generate a great performance, where instruments sounds merge with the fresh air of the public square where the stage was built.
Peculiarity of the CD, the booklet contains poems by William Parker and Vittorino Curci, kindly provided by their editors, and chosen for the subject of the concert: for an evolving humanity!

Gianni Lenoci (piano, prepared piano, voice), Vittorino Curci (alto & soprano sax, voice, megaphone), Marcello Magliocchi (drums and percussions), William Parker (double bass)