Novita' dal Mondo Abeat For Jazz

Ars3 - Promemoria

The Ars3 trio (Grossi, Zanchi and Castiglioni) returned with their own collective intelligence, their own collective sensitivity, their own patterns, harmonies, melodies, their unrestrained curiosity, their osmosis, and that special aftertaste of melancholy savoured with those jazz musicians who do not give in to the tyranny of swing, but prefer its sound, colours, atmospheres and mood. Here they are, for the delight of music, back again with a work that involves the "rasping" voice of Gian Maria Testa and, in conclusion, the exciting - and in a way - excited voice of Sheila Jordan. A celebration of peace that is not ideological, not factious. It is instead an ontological, intellectual peace, one of feelings, peace in music, meant not as a battle hymn but as a dream-like spur. Opening with “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan and closing with “Peace” by Horace Silver. This is what makes this CD a new and different transition from pop music to great jazz something that is also difficult to define, but that is certainly an example of sophistication, sensitivity and creativity.

A.Zambrini- A.Di Biase- J.Scott - Songs from the Procol Harum book

Antonio Zambrini is esteemed one of the best italian composer. The last three recordings by Antonio Zambrini , “Quartetto”, “Due colori” and “Musica” ( all by Abeat records ) have been of great success either in critics and sales all around many countries. It’s the first time that Antonio Zambrini is recording some songs by other people’s.
To do that he choose the repertoire of Procol Harum, the band from England who, during the ‘60 and ’70 years, created some very well known songs all over the world such as “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, “Homburg”, “Salty Dog”, “Something’s following me” and many more…
Elegance of touch, accurate care of choosing notes, deep but peaceful improvisation, predilection of intimate situations, makes Antonio one of the most original pianist of the Italian scene. In this Cd Zambrini has been supported by the doublebass player Andrea Di Biase , who studied at the Guildhall School of London and by the English drummer Jon Scott. The typical italian mood of Zambrini takes more inspiration from the “British”climate of the rhithmic section.

Roberto Mattei Octet - A time remembered

A TIME REMEMBERED” is a project of extraordinary artistic force that revisits some between more celebrates compositions of Bill Evans in occasion of the thirty-year period from his disappearance, mixing two languages, that of jazz and classic music without to deprive them of their natural expressive characteristics. The formation combine traditional jazz piano trio with the addition of a guitar and a classic strings quartet. The arrangements are particularly fresh and effective. The fresh sound , the propulsive charge of the rhythmic section, contribute to giving the feeling of a work that pulls down every clichè and every element of adhesion to any style in order to give to the listeners only limpid sonorous forms. High audiophile profile.

Roberto Demo - Come se i pesci

Third work of Roberto Demo published by Abeat. His previous cds, “La porta” ( 2001) and “ Sono Un bluff ” ( 2005), have been very successful. Roberto Demo had been widely recognized by public and critics, also pointed to the top of the emerging talent at the top jazz referendum.
Roberto Demo è cantante sopraffino, with rare sensitivity, original timbre of voice, supported by a valuable sense of rhythm and a formidable jazz phrasing (… Franco D’Andrea ).
“Come se i pesci “is an enjoyable record that puts at its center, the "Italian song”, a real mix of melody, lyrics and well codified style.
Backed by an italian trio of excellent caliber and enriched by the presence of Tino Tracanna which is in contrast to the voice of Roberto Demo, thecd includes some original songs and some gems of the Italian repertoire such as “Nel cielo dei bar”, “Ragazzo fortunato” and “Rossetto e e cioccolato”, made famous
by Fred Buscaglione, Jovanotti and Ornella Vanoni.

Dulbecco-Ceccarelli-Belmondo-Bramerie - Canzoni

Since many years Abeat is publishing some appealing cds with world famous musicians. A stellar cast honors their cultures and musical traditions reinterpreting some of the most famous and significant immortal melodies of the italian and french repertoire : “Estate” by Bruno Martino, “La canzone di Marinella” by De Andrè e “Fiore di maggio” by Fabio Concato, “Tu t’laisses aller”and “Jolies momes de mon quartier” by Charles Aznavour, “What are you doing the rest of your life?” and “ You must believe in spring” by Michel Legrand, “Les feuilles mortes” by Kosma. Four musicians of immense value confirm that jazz has no boundaries. “Canzoni” is a disc of rare elegance and pleasure.

Rosario Di Rosa trio - Cabaret Voltaire

Rosario Di Rosa, one of the most creative italian reality of the last years. This new project with the double bass player Paolo Dassi and the drum player Riccardo Tosi takes its inspiration from Cabaret VOLTAIRE , the famous place, where in 1916, some intellectuals gave birth to the artistic movement called "Dada ". This becomes a pretext for un ironic reading of the today's reality that very often celebrates the superfluous and the ephemeral one. To serve as scenography to the all, the metropolitan and frantic rhythms of a great city that they become very often sonorous column of various reported histories in music. Every composition shows of it different angolature and perspectives through the use of references, cultures and worlds very distant among them as the room music, the drum'n'bass, the rock and the contemporary music. Rosario Di Rosa creates a music full of references to the past but, at the same time, he proposes a new suggestion, a strong and energetic motion of rebellion. A real work of art not only for the musical contents, Cabaret Voltaire dips the listener in a dense atmosphere of colors and tastes that postpone to the wealth of the earth of Sicily. A contemporary jazz that reassumes some typical Italian flavours and peculiarity , thanks to the talent of the rhythmic partners and the ingeniousness of the compositions.

Vittorio Mezza trio

Vittorio Mezza, is considered one of the most interesting and original pianist on the new italian jazz scene. With the help of two “supermusicians” as Massimo Moriconi and Ettore Fioravanti gave birth to a musical project of extraordinary artistic depht, great novelty both stylistic and of ideas. It’s remarkable a strong component of swing and interplay, a quality is becoming rarest.
The cd suggests some excellent original songs, some evocative themes by Petrucciani, Shorter, Monk and closes with an homage to Nirvana.

Bill Carrothers - Max De Aloe - Apnea

Max De Aloe, an ingenious and atypic musician within the italian jazz survey, regarded among the most meaningful harmonica-players in the European jazz scenery,carries out his new musical project, entitled "APNEA", involving one of the most accredited american pianists, Bill Carrothers.Two strong and leading personalities joined to create the coming shortly CD "Apnea", published by Abeat Records ( ABJZ 0072) ,in which all songs were entirely composed for this special purpose and are based on the novels of Haruki Murakami, a great japanese writer. A tribute hanging between literature and a contemporary jazz ,enriched with crosswise kinds of music ,that will surely enchant either the jazz novices and people keen on japanise literature.