Bgo Novita' : Stanley Clarke & George Duke - John Mclaughin - Dreams


The three albums were released between 1981 and 1990 and were a Funk project for bassist Stanley Clarke and keyboard player George Duke ‘Sweet Baby’ from the first album was a US Top 20 single hit The first two albums made the US Top 100 charts Digitally remastered, slipcased and with new notes

Tracks : ( 3 lps in one cd )

Volume I: Wild Dog - Louie, Louie - Sweet Baby - I Just Want To Love You - Never Judge A Cover By Its Book - Let’s Get Started - Winners - Touch And Go - Finding My Way

Volume II: Put It On The Line - Heroes - Try Me Baby - Every Reason To Smile - Great Danes - The Good Times - You’re Gonna Love It - Trip You In Love - Atlanta

Volume III: Pit Bulls (An Endangered Species) - Oh Oh - No Place To Hide - Somebody Else - Mothership Connection - Right By My Side - From The Deepest Corner Of My Heart - Lady - Find Out Who You Are - Quiet Time - Finger Prints - Always


Ex-Graham Bond and Brian Auger guitarist McLaughlin’s career took off when he went to the States in 1969 to join Tony Williams’ Lifetime (this writer had the experience of seeing them in London’s Speakeasy club in 1970)
He then joined Miles Davis’ band, playing on seminal albums such as ‘In A Silent Way’ before going on to form the Mahavishnu Orchestra
‘Electric Dreams’ features amongst others Stanley Clarke, Jack Bruce, Billy Cobham and Chick Corea
John McLaughlin is still recording and touring today

Tracks ( 2 lps in 1 cd )

Electric Guitarist: New York On My Mind - Friendship - Every Tear From Every Eye - Do You Hear The Voices That You Left Behind? - Are You The One? Are You The One? - Phenomenon: Compulsion - My Foolish Heart

Electric Dreams: Guardian Angels - Miles Davis - Electric Dreams, Electric Sighs - Desire And The Comforter - Love And Understanding - Singing Earth - The Dark Prince - The Unknown Dissident


Fusion drummer Billy Cobham’s pedigree goes from Miles Davis through many jazz artists Dreams was formed with the Brecker brothers (Michael and Randy) and John Abercrombie, and these, their only two albums, date from the very early 1970s Critically acclaimed, the band and these recordings did not gain the commercial success they deserved

Tracks : ( 2lps in on cd )

Dreams: Devil Lady - 15 Miles To Provo - The Maryanne - Holli Be Home - Try Me - Dream Suite: Asset Stop/Jane/Crunchy Grenola - New York

Imagine My Surprise: Calico Baby - Why Can’t I Find A Home - Child Of Wisdom - Just Be Ourselves - I Can’t Hear You - Here She Comes Now - Don’t Cry My Lady - Medicated Goo - Imagine My Surprise