Watermelon Slim - Ringers

“A blues hero goes country....the country of the seventies, before the homogenization of the Garth ages, the sound owes as much to Lynyrd Skynyrd as to Merle, Hank, and Waylon.”
-Blues Revue

"Slim's vocals - grittier than a country dirt road, tender when they need to be - are framed by excellent Nashville musicians"
- MOJO Magazine

Watermelon Slim is Back ans He is back with another incredible batch of country blues as only Watermelon Slim can do. Recorded in Nashville with some of the best musicians alive this cd is an amazing experience. Great songs, incredible musicians an the teffific sound coming from Slim's harmonica, dobro and face made this cd something our of the ordinary.

A blues artist singing some of the best country around is something special. This time around, Slim is a bit more bluesy and a bit more rocky. What riches for everybody.

We are sure that we are holding in our hand a terrific package, great music, great songs , great artwork and we are sure that this cd will be listening to for decads to come.

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Musicians :

Watermelon Slim - Lead vocals & lead slide guitar.
Studio Electric Band
Gary Nicholson - Acoustic guitar.
Kenny Greenberg - Electric guitar.
Steven Mackey - Electric bass.
Lynn Williams - Drums.
Kevin McKendree – Grand piano & Hammond B-3 organ.
Paul Franklin - Steel guitar.

Studio Acoustic Band
Darrell Scott - Acoustic guitar & mandolin.
Kevin Malone - Drums.
Charlie Chadwick - Upright bass.

On Selected Cuts
Stuart Duncan - Twin fiddles.
Kristin Wilkinson - String arrangement & viola.
Pam Sixfin - Violin.
Lucas Leigh - Organ.

Additional Vocals
Rebecca Homans
Verlon Thompson
Jonell Mosser
Suzi Ragsdale
Vivkie Carrico
Miles Wilkinson

Track List

1. Good Old Boys Never Change 2:45 - William Homans, aka Watermelon Slim
2. Tight Fittin' Jeans 3:10 - Huffman
3. Truck Drivin Buddy 2:47 - Mary Wolfe & Brownie Wilder
4. He Went To Paris 3:54 - Jimmy Buffett
5. If There Is Any Heaven 3:54 - William Homans
6. Please Take This Cup 4:32 - William Homans
7. No Way To Reach Nirvana 5:45 - William Homans
8. End Of The Line 2:37 – William Homans
9. Cowboys Are Common As Sin 5:19 - Max Barnes
10. Soft Lights And Hard Country Music 2:50 – Shafer
11. I Appreciate That 3:58 - William Homans & Gary Nicholson
12. And So Our Song Ends 4:19 – William Homans
13. Living With A Lie 4:07 - William Homans & Gary Nicholson
14. Letter To Stoney 4:18 - William Homans