Graham Parker - The Official Bootleg

Graham Parker non ha bisogno d’introduzioni, si tratta di uno dei migliori cantautori ed interprete inglesi di sempre come testimonia la sua discografia anni ’70 dov’era accompagnato da una delle migliori bands del periodo, i Rumour. Questo box di 6 cd per la sua etichetta Up Yours in edizione privata ed ora disponibile anche in commercio grazie all'attenta Floating World ad un prezzo più che accessibile per i suoi numerosi fans rappresenta un evento per i cultori del rock d’autore. 6 cd di materiale inedito o “live” dai suoi archivi personali rappresentano un’attrattiva unica per tutti i suoi ammiratori e non solo. Personaggio più maturo e complesso dell’intero pub-rock movement che racchiude ”il soul sanguigno di Van Morrison, il folk arrabbiato di Dylan, il country introverso di Neil Young e la veemenza proletaria di Springsteen”. E come ogni buon vero (official ) bootleg che si rispetti ricordiamoci che è in tiratura limitata.

- Grahama Parker – The Official Bootleg Splendido box di 6 cd in edizione digipack, graziosa ed originale, dall’aspetto di un vero e proprio bootleg contenente: “Graham Parker & The Figgs – Live From Somewhere”, “The Bastrd Of Belgium’s Bastard Brother”, “Yer Cowboy Boot”, “Platinum Bastard”, “Graham Parker And The Small Clubs – Burning Bridges” e il ricercatissimo “Graham Parker & The Rumour Live At Newlands Tavern 1975”.

Track List

Disc 1: Graham Parker and The Rumour, Live at Newlands Tavern 1975

1.Chain of Fools 2.You Silly Thing 3.Between You and Me 4.Nothing’s Gonna Pull It Apart 5.The Raid 6.Don’t Ask Me Questions 7.Rockin’ Hawk (instrumental) 8.Gypsy Blood9.Not If It Pleases Me 10.Express Delivery 11.Back to Schooldays 12.Soul Shoes

Disc 2: Graham Parker and The Twang Three, Yer Cowboy Boot

1.Over the Border (to America) 2.Anything for a Laugh 3.Sugaree 4.Force of Nature 5.I Don’t Know 6.Success 7.Cruel Lips 8.You’ve Got to Be Kidding 9.Love Gets You Twisted 10.Tornado Alley 11.Almost Thanksgiving Day 12.Crying for Attention 13.Three Martini Lunch 14.Mr. Tender 15.Fool’s Gold 16.Nation of Shopkeepers 17.You Can’t Be Too Strong 18.Crawling from the Wreckage (Revisited) 19.Tell Me 20.She Never Let Me Down 21.High Horse

Disc 3: Graham Parker and The Small Clubs, Platinum Bastard

1.Nothing’s Gonna Pull It Apart 2.Back Door Love 3.Clear Head 4.Saturday Nite is Dead 5.Empty Lives 6.Dark Side of the Bright Lights 7.Canned Laughter 8.I Don’t Know 9.Dancing for Money 10.Brand New Book 11.Long Stem Rose 12.Oasis 13.Short Memories 14.Yesterday’s Cloud 15.Release Me 16.Mr. Tender 17.Platinum Blonde 18.Worthy of Your Love 19.Love is a Burning Question

Disc 4: Graham Parker and The Small Clubs, Burning Trousers

1.Three Martini Lunch 2.Anniversary 3.Here It Comes Again 4.Love is a Burning Question

Disc 5: Graham Parker and The Figgs, Live Cuts from Somewhere

1.No Holding Back 2.Devil’s Sidewalk 3.High Horse 4.Discovering Japan 5.Love Gets You Twisted 6.Jacksonville Intro 7.I’ll Never Play Jacksonville Again 8.Tough on Clothes 9.That’s What They All Say 10.Love is a Burning Question 11.Get Started, Start a Fire 12.If It Ever Stops Raining 13.That’s When You Know 14.Hotel Chambermaid 15.Shake Your Hips 16.Big Fat Zero 17.Sheena is a Punk Rocker 18.Fool’s Gold 19.Syphilis and Religion 20.Local Girls 21.Dark Days 22.Soul Shoes

Disc 6: Graham Parker, The Bastard of Belgium’s Bastard Brother

1.Over the Border (to America) 2.Watch the Moon Come Down 3.Guillotine of Guadalupe 4.Devil’s Sidewalk 5.Anniversary 6.White Honey 7.Soul Corruption 8.Stick to Me 9.Don’t Ask Me Questions 10.You Can’t Be Too Strong 11.Discovering Japan

GRAHAM PARKER needs no introduction, one of the UK'Sbest ever singer, songwriters and performers has a careergoing back into the 70’s with one of the hottest bands of
the day THE RUMOUR.
This box set from GP’S personal archive contains 6 discs from his own UP YOURS Label and is now widely available for the first time.Each disc is housed in a cardboard sleeve, looking just like a proper bootleg and features live and rare material.

Particular interest must be the 1975 recording LIVE ATNEWLANDS TAVERN with THE RUMOUR.

An essential purchase for any GP fans