René Aubry - Refuges

Siamo lieti di presentare Refuges il nuovo lavoro del chitarrista e compositore autore di molti capolavori nell’ambito della musica per balletto e colonne sonore. Aubry è universalmente conosciuto come autore di melodie affascinanti e ricche di patos capaci di creare nell’ascoltatore sensazioni che coprono tutta la gamma delle umane emozioni giungendo con questo suo nuovo disco sulla vetta dei “sound artists”, al pari di altri grandi nomi come Francois de Roubaix, Pascal Comelade ed il nostro Ennio Morricone. Come quest’ultimi, l’alchimia della sua musica comprende di tutto: l’electro, il dub, il flamenco, il celtico, il rock, musica minimalista, orchestrale, il jazz, il bebop, e tutto quanto è fatto di ritmo e melodia. Riduttivo definire emozioni musicali a 360° con termini come new age o musica per balletto. Uno dei grandi musicisti del nostro tempo è tornato per darci dei picculi rifugi musicali in cui per qualche attimo riposare.

- Rene Aubry - Refuges Feat. Marc Buronfosse, Daniel Beaussier, Antoine Banville, Jun Miyake, Ali El Khatib.

" Music fills both air and bodies, meant for all and for none. It is music that reaches out to the unknown. Music is there not to convince or conquer, and when it wrings our hearts, it is to remind us that life is ardent, that man and the stars may be linked by invisible bridges. It progresses through the world, enfolding our lives like so many rings of power to render us invincible. Music does not choose who will love her, each of us is free to turn away or to embrace her, she invades our minds and takes her stand in the midst of our memories. For all eternity, this has been her rightful place and only human circumstances have momentarily dislodged her. Her place is at the heart of our history, like the calling of the wind, the echoing surf of the oceans, the rumbling of the storm.
René Aubry has invented a mysterious alchemy of sounds and melodies which one day stole into the world as if nothing were more normal than to soar beyond the clouds with the sole aim of lapping everything in a softer skin. This music, like a new lover, seems to recall long-buried memories of another time, another place, evoking a multitude of slight instances, the sketching of a gesture, a perfume, the sidelong glance of a woman passing.
The first time chance led me to these strange sounds, they were the accompaniment to a television portrait of Jean Genet.
I went straight to the film's director and producer to find the name of a composer inexplicably missing from the credits. Once I had tracked down the precious CD, I listened to it repeatedly day after day. At each hearing I experienced the same astonishment, the same mind-shift encouraging me to glide into worlds close by yet parallel, where fresh-created feelings welled up and flowed into landscapes newly invented at every instant, just for me, by the music. For this is a music that recreates the worlds of childhood, first loves, laughter and melancholy, lace gowns and Venetian carnival masks, where the solemn and the naive blend like voice and breath, banjo and concertina. What words, what novels, have been written to the sounds of "Dérives", "Steppe" or "Après la pluie" ? What secret connections exist between music and writing, both nourished in mysterious ways, both with the power to make the heart vibrate like a plucked violin string ?
We should thank these enchanters, who restore enchantment to the world ; we should welcome them gladly, telling them over and over again that they give meaning to our existence and that, without them, our long and only road would be that much more strewn with brambles and tears.

Yves Simon