Duke Robillard - Stomp

“This project is a true trip back in time for me. Many of the tunes in this CD go back to my earliest day as the leader of Roomful of Blues. It was this music that inspired me to add horns to the band and try and reproduce the authentic sound of the early Rhythm and Blues of the mid to late 1940s and 50s. Musicians and singers like Louis Jordan, T-Bone Walker, Big Joe Turner, Roy Milton and Charles Brown were at the forefront of a new music that fused the blues with the rhythm and horn sound of the swing era with the infectious beat of boogie woogie. It is this decade, 1945 to 1955 that made such an impression on me as a young man and inspired me to form the horn driven version of Roomful of Blues in the early 1970s. A group that is still touring and recording today after 40 some years! I have been fortunate to have a wealth of great players over the years in my bands and on my recordings. Some Duke Robillard Band alumni and some Roomful alumni also. So this CD is really a reunion of sorts between players and tunes.” DUKE ROBILLARD

Anyone who's listened to Robillard over the years knows he's at home with this material -- where blues and R&B gave birth to early rock 'n' roll. On Stomp! the guitarist gives the horns plenty of solo time but dishes out plenty of licks himself. Stomp the Blues Tonight! is Duke's Blues masterpiece featuring 16 tracks of rockin', jumpin' and swinging blues featuring Duke with Doug James, Sunny Crownover, Bruce Bears, Rich Lataille, Al Basile,Carl Querfurth, Marty Ballou, Jon Ross and Mark Teixeira.