"Papa" John De Francesco - Big Shot ( Savant Records )

The father of Joey DeFrancesco, "Papa John" had his career revived when his son's success helped bring about the renaissance of the Hammond organ. John's father had played reeds with various swing bands including the Dorsey Brothers. John DeFrancesco began playing trumpet when he was six and did not start playing organ until his wife bought him an organ for his 23rd birthday. After a few months of nearly nonstop practicing, he was ready to perform in clubs. In 1967 DeFrancesco moved to Philadelphia and soon he was part of the Philadelphia jazz scene. However in 1979 when Joey turned eight and started playing professionally, John temporarily gave up his career so as to supervise his son. Another son, Johnny DeFrancesco, developed into a fine guitarist. In the 1990s, John DeFrancesco returned to a more active playing career, recording two strong sets for Muse (both of which feature Joey on trumpet) and gaining a national reputation of his own. "Papa John" plays organ in an infectious hard bop style not that different from his son.

~ Scott Yanow, All Music Guide

From the perspective of family history, there wouldn't have been a Joey DeFrancesco, perhaps the most famous of the contemporary jazz organists, without the style that he learned from his father. 'Papa' John DeFrancesco, himself the son of working musician, moved to Philadephia in 1967 and quickly became a staple on that city's busy jazz scene jazz. His fourth Savant recording as a leader finds him presiding over sons Joey and John Jr. along with saxman Jerry Weldon, Mike Boone's bass and Byron Landham on drums. Hear the DeFrancescos make jazz a true family affair on this smoking set of organ classics and original works.

'Papa' John DeFrancesco, organ
Joey DeFrancesco, keyboards;
John DeFrancesco Jr., guitar;
Jerry Weldon, tenor sax;
Mike Boone, bass;
Byron Landham, drums