Tiziana Ghiglioni - a MALe WALking in the caulDRON

The relationship developed between Tiziana Giglioni and Mal Waldron from the eighties till the pianist's death at the end of 2002 was more of a friendship than a professional band. The singer found a sort of synthesis for her own artistis growth and the great inventor's artistic itinerary and aestetic approach, in the rapport with Billie Holiday's voice towards the end of her career, his participation in Charles Mingus "extended forms", his conceptual dialogue with Steve Lacy and his close brotherhood with the avant-garde ( Dolphy, Roach, Coltrane... ) but also within his authentic roots in tradition ( standards, blues, Ellington ). In Waldron, Tiziana also found a profound and humorous human being, disenchanted and sincere, whom she brings back to life in the many stylistic facets to be heard on this tribute. Those who have followed the complex development of this singer's career know that she does not focus her attention on the voice but on the instrument/voice, not on virtuosity but on expression, not on her individual performance but on collective strengh; exactly the same characteristics that could be used to describe Mal Waldron's art.

These are elements that permeate this album which Tiziana and her partners have interpreted skillfully to find their unique way through Waldron's compositions : a rich and little explored heritage, as evidenced by the fascinating variety of styles and expressions to be enjoyed in this selection.

A delightful individualist, as we can hear in his minimalist yet always surprising solo idiom, the pianist was able to invent scrutures ( not just melodies, harmonic sequences of rhythmic formulae, but open compositions where all these elements achieve a sense of balance ) of which this ensemble, come together for this session, has recorded a creative and passionate version, which remains in our memory.
Claudio Sessa