Aynsley Lister - Equilibrium


“His best album ever”

“Deft lyrical touch and musical feel”

“Bursting with killer riffs and songs”

Aynsley Lister is the blues man with the ‘boy-next-door’ looks, the dextrous guitar fingers and the silky voice; the one that plays contemporary blues as if its the most natural and most commercial thing you can do. Lister brings a new lightness, fresh optimism to an old form with his wonderfully intelligent take on the blues.
Lister is possibly the most universally commercially viable of all the bluesmen out there; his music flirts with the darker side of indie-rock but is anchored firmly and securely in the heart of the blues. Lister has a lightness of feel, a new and expansive energy that will appeal to the younger listener still just toying with the form, Lister’s a new-age bluesman methinks!

Lister’s expansive but still rooted music rocks and motivates as much as it moves and impassions; Lister’s blues is blues with a modern twist – all the guitar virtuosity you could ask for, all the bitter-sweet reality that’s needed and all stereotypical nuances of the form wrapped up in compositional modernity and futuristic thinking. Blues for the modern ‘man’ perhaps!

With Lister’s blistering guitar playing comes a voice that’s as welcoming as it is embittered; Lister writes songs that are superbly suited to the modern era but still have the true essence of blues philosophy of hard times, struggle and uncertainty at their heart. ‘Equilibrium’ then, showcases Aynsley Lister’s penchant for musical acceptability by way of his visionary adaptations and slick commercial ideas – yes it’s blues but, it’s blues with new direction, new open-ness, new accessibility. Lister makes blues available to and viable for the non-believer and blues sceptic.

‘Equilibrium’ by Aynsley Lister is a bright and forward-looking work of nu-blues for the common ‘man’; if you like guitar driven modernistic blues then ‘Equilibrium’ by Aynsley Lister will provide you with everything you crave for; punchy rockin’ riffs aplenty, succinct and gritty solos of immense power and passionate eloquence, hooky melodies and meaningful words. ‘Equilibrium’ by Aynsley Lister is a wonderfully genuine journey through the more commercial side of blues music – it’s superbly crafted, stunningly executed and quite simply a fantastic album by the new ‘face’ of the blues!

Peter J Brown