Bocephus King - Willie Dixon God Damn

Ritorna Jamie Perry, in arte Bocephus King. Un nome che poco o nulla dira' se non agli addetti ai lavori, ma un nome che può essere tranquillamente accostato per poetica e intensita' dei testi ai grandi profeti del rock irrequieto e in cerca di senso : Kurt Cobain e Jim Morrison su tutti. Musica e poesia oscurate dalla pensatezza di una vita non facile, che richiede senso. E su questa ricerca con sonorita' che potremmo accostare ai grandi songwriter oscillando ora tra un novello Van Morrison, ora tra un navigato Cohen, che bisogna ascoltare il nuovo album che testimonia lo stato di grazia di questo eclettico rocker canadese di Vancouver : un album maturo, intenso ed ispirato. Il viaggio è ancora lungo ma ha trovato molti compagni anche nella nostra Italia. Il ragazzo ne ha di esperienza da raccontare, e il talento è immenso. Questo cd non è solo un lavoro discografico, questo cd è un urlo di riscatto, una richesta di senso che vuole essere ascoltata e perchè no corrisposta.

- Bocephus King – Willie Dixon God Damn! Non un tributo al grande del blues, ma un disco rock, bello e variegato, come non speravamo di (ri)scoprire da questo personaggio che alla fine del millennio aveva lasciato tanto sperare. Un talento ritrovato!

Come Bocephus King si descrive :

...........Just As Long As You Arrive....B.King/J.L.Perry......... I've been waiting forever. I can wait forevermore. I'll just sit here and feel it, till my feelings get sore.~~~ The crow tried to tell me, but I didn't understand.. said if I ever felt TRUE love, It could kill me where I stand.~~~ There is no running water. No works of fiction or fact. They tried the Quarter-Back-Sneak.. it got the Quarter-back sacked.~~~ They arrived quite early this morning, without a single, muttered word. No news of my Mother, I hope her wayward mind is cured.~~~ She's been hearing all of them voices. Eating all of them pills. Marrying strong men, who hit her hard but pay the bills.~~~ This station's gloom is familiar. Didn't we meet here before? Singing "Jesus loved the leper, just as Jesus loved the whore."~~~ St. Francis wants to meet you. He's seen you in all of my prayers. His laugh makes me so nervous, but I know how desperately he cares.~~~ It puts Hell in my heart, mama.. to know that I've made you cry.. and now I don't care if you arrive late, love, just as long as you arrive.~~~ There's no advice to be taken. No worn path you can walk. But wait too long for your wishes.... and they'll be outlined in chalk.~~~ There is no promise I can make you. There are no guarantees. But I won't just fight the inevitable, until one of us flees.~~~ I took your warning too lightly. I got the old Monk high. Now there's death on the highway and I forgot how to cry.~~~ The thought of you starts me shaking, but at least I know I'm alive. I don't care if it kills me. Some part of me will survive.~~~ I can't take all that you show me. Don't like some things that I see. But your love is my light, babe. The only light there for me.~~~ I got troubles a plenty. You've got your troubles too. But it's only for your touch, that I could ever be true.~~~ The lying mind: I murdered. His mistresses, I bribed. Now I don't care if you arrive late, love.. just as long as you arrive.~~~ I've been coming through slaughter.... with the reins clenched in my teeth. The horses died in the canyon. My guides, they died in their sleep.~~~ Maybe I died when I met you.. and now I'm only your ghost. Haunting every last raindrop.. on the gold, miraculous Coast.~~~ The seige is relentless. The enemy: un-bowed. Our promise, not broken, is all that we have allowed.~~~ We're not always so wretched... but this place brings it right out. Right out in the open. Out there for all things to doubt.~~~ This ain't the first time I've fallen. But it's the first time it's stuck. Maybe my Sun has stopped setting. Maybe I'm pushing my luck.~~~ I see your eyes everywhere, dear.. gazing from some distant time. Maybe that time we were lovers. Maybe that time you were mine.~~~ They're building on grim speculation. The empty prisons just wait. Tell your boozy-breath-Priest, to keep his hands off your plate.~~~ Ask no more of the doubter. She wants now only to sleep. If it's at all worth going, it's worth going that deep.~~~ Too many nails in the coffin. The lid is on now for good. She only said she could love him, she never said that she would.~~~ You want to be upright and singing, If we're going to do this thing. Stronger than the hollow vows, stronger than the ring.~~~ We've got to be Geronimo-brave, love. Be packed and ready to go. Lest we see only the shadows, of love's holy glow.~~~ If the truth is worth anything, anything more than a dare. then the truth is, I love you and I will always be there.~~~ Be there scars on your soul mama. Be there stars in your eyes. There are always exceptions, Not every sleeping heart lies.~~~ You've always been so strong. You just hide it so well. But I deciphered the message, from the walls of your cell.~~~ You may not like my methods. Their madness steals all your breath. You think this plot may still kill me, but I don't care about death.~~~ I know there are pastures of plenty. Your soul is suspecting it too.. and now it's hard to make your heart keep doing, something it don't want to do.~~~ The truth will tear you wide open. But the trip is surely worth the fall... if any of this whole mad trip.. is worth anything at all.~~~ I've know joy, pain and pleasure. Measured many maidens charms.. but it all lost it's meaning, once I'd danced in your arms.~~~ I know that I wasn't dreaming. At least, I'm not anymore. I'm lost in the truth, baby. I've never been here before.~~~ I saw the whole messy story. It seemed a little contrived. Now I don't care if you arrive late, love.. just as long as you arrive.~~~ Baby, everybody loses. Baby, everybody grieves. There's a place without doubt... it's just so hard to believe.~~~ I've won, lost and wondered, what the whole, ugly game meant. They all live hard in dellusion. For fun they sin and repent.~~~ Their words all are empty. Their lessons rob you of years. They've got apologies for everything When that fails, they have tears.~~~ The world is much bigger, than a few broken hearts. There's a train at the station, and soon my love, it departs.~~~ I got a ticket this morning. O.K., I got two... guess I don't mind being foolish, If I am foolish for you.~~~ The Sun's been up for hours but everyone's still asleep. Except for my wounded neighbor, through the walls I hear her weep.~~~ The night left precious reminders, of how lucky I was to survive. Now I don't care if you arrive late, love, just as long as you arrive.~~~