Bruce Cockburn - Small Source Of Comfort

“Small Source Of Comfort” è il primo disco in studio degli ultimi sei anni per questo leggendario songwriter canadese la cui carriera è arrivata alla quarta decade di attività. 14 nuovi brani che riflettono i vari interessi di questo impegnato songwriter. Dei ritorno da un viaggio in Afghanistan, Bruce ha trovato nuove fonti d’ispirazione ed un rinnovato impegno politico-sociale. Oltre che un songwriter di indiscusso valore, come provano 40 anni alla True North, label canadese di musica d’autore per eccellenza, Cockburn è un chitarrista molto considerato dagli addetti ai lavori tanto che è stato paragonato dal New York Times a figure leggendarie quali Andrès Segovia, Django Reinhardt e Bill Frisell.

Tracks :

Iris Of The World /Call Me Rose / Bohemian 3-Step / Radiance / Five Fifty-One /Driving Away / Lois On The Autobahn / Boundless / Called Me Back / Comets Of Kandahar / Each One Lost / Parnassus And Fog / Ancestors / Gifts

With a career that has spanned four decades producing an acclaimed body of work that has sold over 2 million copies worldwide, Bruce Cockburn continues to be revered by fans and fellow musicians alike as one of the most important songwriters of his generation.

Small Source of Comfort is Cockburn's first studio album in six years - a rhythmic
and highly evocative collection of 14 new tracks inspired by his renowned unusual and diverse muse - recent trips to Afghanistan and ponderings on the re-incarnation of Richard Nixon, to road trips and unreturned phone calls. The album boasts some of the best musicians recording today, including violinist
Jenny Scheinman, former Wailin’ Jenny Annabelle Chvostek, and long time collaborators Gary Craig, Jon Dymond and producer Colin Linden.

As both a songwriter and a guitarist, Bruce Cockburn is considered among the world’s best. The New York Times called him a “virtuoso on guitar,” while Acoustic Guitar magazine placed him in the esteemed company of Andrés Segovia, Bill Frisell and Django Reinhardt.

Cockburn’s songs have been covered by such diverse and talented artists as Elbow, Jimmy Buffett, Judy Collins, Anne Murray, Chet Atkins, K.D. Lang, Barenaked Ladies, and the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia