Tingvall Trio - Discografia

Da casa Skip, abbiamo il piacere di presentare la discografia di questo straordinario trio che tanto successo hanno avuto nel nostro paese grazie alle recensioni delle riviste specializzate soprattutto in ambito hi end. In tutto sono tre i cd di questo trio guidato dal pianista svedese Martin Tingvall cui si affianca il batterista tedesco di scuola rock Jürgen Spiegel e il bassista cubano Omar Rodriguez Calvo. La diversita' di provenienza geografica e musicale consente al trio di presentare un jazz permeato di influenze folk scandinave a cui si aggiunge un buon ritmo. Per quanto rigurada la qualita' dell'incisione segnaliamo che i vari lavori sono stati disco del mese dell'autorevole Audioreview.


Following "Skagerrak" and "Norr" the trio finalizes their trilogy of nordic stories with "Vattensaga". Recorded at the famous ArteSuono studio in Italy, bestknown for a series of great ECM recordings, the album stands for an even improved group sound and the outstanding songwriting qualities of Martin Tingvall. Thirteen new musical pearls, leaving space for sound paintings of drummer Jürgen Spiegel , the mediterranean lightness of double bass player Omar Rodruguez Calvo and the bright piano playing of Martin Tingvall , experiencing a Fazioli grand piano fort he first time. A definite highlight of the trios band history so far.

To put it mildly, the consistency of the young trio have continued to pursue and refine their very own sound as a group on "Norr" is stunning. Nordic ballad elegies like "Utsikt" or "Båtsregn" alternate with groove-accented cuts like "Grrr", pieces like "Barnslig", a track that could have been inspired by Lyle Mays, or "Mjau" , whose lightness emerges from something surprisingly similar to what might have been a calypso number like "St.Thomas" by Sonny Rollins. A refreshing follow - up album for hard-core jazz fans and a broad group of listeners from other genres simply interested in the melodies and grooves.

Press Quotes:

Hessischer Rundfunk "Mikado" CD of the Week 03/08:"When the term piano trio falls, naturally they've listened to their key role figures in Jazz and let those idols flash through in their music, but they are not afraid to show their own qualities, either. First and foremost Martin Tingvall, the pianist, whose class as a composer comes fully to bear here."

Radio Berlin Brandenburg "Kulturradio" 03/08:
"Soft, tender melodies are layered to form tight, powerful and rhythmically complex songs. On 'Norr', this trio proves that its creative substance is nowhere near exhausted. Fantastic."

Nordeutscher Rundfunk "Jazz Aktuell" 03/08:
"Album of the Week"
"With 'Norr', the band revolving around Swedish pianist Martin Tingvall is refining and expanding the course it had taken on 'Skagerrak', their debut, in a convincing manner."

Jazzthing 02/08:
"Today's sounds are ready and waiting the minute the CD from the Tingvall Trio starts spinning in the player. Music that appeals with no ifs, ands or buts."

Image Hifi 02/08:
"Norr has even surpassed its hard-to-beat first album. The pianist's 11 new pieces have become more spellbinding, more change-of-pace and more emotional. Like this, piano trios do have a future!"

Financial Times 03/08:
CD of the Week
"The celebration carries on with 'Norr'. Ballads turning on that wistful Scandinavian sound, compositions wrought with classical figures, mighty groove pieces. The roles within the trio are liquid and change in mid-flight. The main thing is that the music packs a punch."

Stereo 04/08:
"The Swedish-German Tingvall Trio has occupied a front-row seat in the spectrum of recording artists without kicking up a fuss. Notoriety like that ought to assure them the attention of listening audiences in the long run."

Stereoplay 04/08:
"Norr is a happily refreshing second LP. Chilled, not just cool."


Fitted out with a wonderful warm sound captured by Iceland's genius at the board Hrolfur Vagnsson, the debut CD "Skagerrak" is a marvelous cross-section of finely spun jazz compositions such as "Medvind", Latino tracks like "Mustasch", rhythmically no-hold-barred ass-kickers like "Norrland Guld" and pensive fantasies like "God natt". "Movie" instantly generates frame sequences in the mind, while with "Nimis" it's easy to imagine Will Downing constructing a relaxed pop number out of it. An outstanding jazz - piano . trio !

Press Quotes:

NDR 5'06:
"Impressive and capital evidence of fresh, unspoilt musicality."

Jazz Podium 6'06:
"Tingvall's songs are intensely melodic, yet little hooks and refined turnabouts pop up in the melodies time and again."

Audio 7'06:
"Everything flows while each bar conceals a mini-surprise. The Tingvall Trio grooves with reminiscences of Drums 'n Bass, Funk and Rock - A retort to the Esbjörn Svensson Trio."

Stereoplay 7'06:
"Sound Tip of the Month"

Stereo 07'06:
"TT sets its own accents in the ranks of young keyboard trios bringing forth Jazz which is both catchy and accessible at the same time."

Rondo 7'06:
"Again and again, this magnificently floating Trio Jazz transports listeners anew to a world full of fantasy and tenderness, even after hearing it several times."

Brigitte 21.6.06:
"Their northern Jazz is fresh and played with virtuosity, It has elements that rock and elegiac passages in which pianist and listener blend as one."

Rolling Stone 7'06:
"Self-written compositions between Folk Jazz, McCoy Tyner and Pop affiliates. Delectable!"

Music Manual Winter '06:
"Like a horn, the songs by Martin Tingvall bend themselves around strikingly impressionist Jazz motifs to mouth into brilliant trio improvisations. Appealing melodics remain the basis of a tantalizing fantasy."